WilliamTheHobbit Wins our First Build Competition!
Our first build competition, Your Dream House, has come to an end! WilliamTheHobbit has won the competition with his home, Stone House, earning a whopping 8.0/10 average rating.

Congratulate WilliamTheHobbit next time you see him online! Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition and voted on the plots, we had a great time seeing all the unique houses that everyone came up with!

We will be planning another competition soon, and we've taken all of your suggestions into consideration!

[Image: x8waowF.png]

[Image: M0NbgqB.png] [Image: Q0CzC87.png] [Image: ucvX8PF.png]
[Image: banner.gif]
The build looks awesome!

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