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I'm FoolOfHearts. Don't look too deep into that name, and I swear to god if one more person asks me what it means. My real name is Pedro, funnily enough I'm Irish. Didn't expect that from my name, did you? I live in, well, Ireland. That much is obvious. I'm a young wee lad, at 16. I make jokes. I walk a lot. I spend a lot of time looking at trees, and flowers, and stuff. Hearing that, you probably won't be surprised to learn that that's most of what I do on the server too. I watch YouTube memes and play a lot of Classical-/Medieval-/Renaissance-/Enlightenment-based strategy and FPS games because I'm boring and, well... more boring. I hope you enjoyed reading this, I put all my best comedic efforts in to presenting my day-to-day dullardry in a humorous, yet informative manner. You're very welcome. Oh and I also make ships. Like... big wooden ones.

Yours lovingly,
"You seek a false comfort when you demand that I define myself for you with words. Words do not contain or define any person. A heart can, if it is willing."

I wanna see your ships! I'm awful at ships!
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